Apparel & Footwear
Understand your customers & create a great buying

experience Clothing and Footwear POS that helps build more customers with unique, trending & seasonal inventory and promotions
High turnover in merchandise, balance buying and replenishment
Liquidate stock

faster Know fast & slow/non moving, brand/supplier wise purchase & sales 

Expand - Multistore & Online

Add stores with ease, E-commerce integration - spread your catchment area 

Convert opportunities to sales

CRM & SMS alerts for effective promotions, offers, coupons & pricing

Reduce thefts & pilferage

Take stock in PDA , stock discrepancy reports, system vs physical stock & sales men commissions

Optimize SKUs

Categorize products to their size, colour, material & design with matrix inventory, product-image map 

Flexible Barcoding

Unique barcodes - barcodes with secret purchase price for effective bargain control 

Purchase & Accounting

Simplified purchase formula with discounts, taxes, freight, integrated accounts & GST/e-filing 

Products from Rs.600 to Rs.50,000 managed easily with matrix inventory. With WhatsNow app, I understand my fast moving, dead stock and plan next purchase & sales. Reliable and transparent support with my Webnet Erp  is great. I always wanted a proven software for today and scalable for tomorrow. GoFrugal garment POS was the one I went for

Complete control on multi-location stores for Apparel & Footwear chains 
Single or Multiple stores, Webnet Erp Apparel and Footwear POS is ideal for you

 Auto calculation of tax based on item sales rate. Useful for footwear businesses where in tax is calculated on slabs of sales rate
Apparel POS software to increase customer retention with advanced CRM tools, manage single to multiple garment, clothing, textile, footwear stores including online store with 100% control over inventory. Reduce pilferage with advanced inventory management and accounting. Download apparel billing software for 30 day free trial.

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