Gym Management System

Gym management system is the system software from which a gym manager or supervisor can manage gym system online, it’s a web based management system software. It contains a lot of modules which are enough to handle a Gym club. Here are some modules of Gym management system.
In the first month of activity the Cost Per Action was reduced by 20%

Modules of Gym Management System:

  • Staff Members: Staff members is the module in gym management system where you can add staff members according to their position in your gym club, For example if you’ve 5 trainers and 2 are moderators, so you can sort out their details and names according to their positions.
  • Membership Type: As you know already every member is not learner of same type, every member has it’s own type some are VIP from army or cops, some of them are students, some of them are casual learner.
  • Groups: Groups is the module where you can add groups for enlisting different members in them so they can share all the dynamic links and information in the groups.
  • Members: Members is the module in gym management system where you can add infinite gym members as you  want or like. This module is actually the database of gym members you have/had in your gym. According to security issues in future you’ve to save database of gym members.
  • Activity: Activity is the module which contains all the activities done by the system operator or manager which manages the gym management system, all the history about the gym management system is available in this module.
  • Assigned Workouts: Gym management system software is actually so advanced only because of this module because you can add the assigned workouts, for example some members are in your gym club for army training so they’ve specific workouts so you can manage assigned workouts of different members.
  • Workouts: Here you can add workouts through this module, infinite workouts can be managed here according to sequence from newbie to expert or VIP membership.
  • Accountant: This module contains accountant list where you can add all the accountants, their names, with email address and phone no. it can help you to save you revenue from fraud and scam.
  • Product: In this gym management system software there are two different modules for selling products one is the product and second is store, in product you can only add product like steroids and fat reducing products.
  • Store: In store module you can sell products from here users, customers, clients or members can sell the products online, this is the store of you gym club.
  • Newsletter: Newsletters is the module in which you can add newsletters, the announcements and warnings can be shared with the gym members from this feature
  • Class Schedule: Class schedule is the module in which all the class timing can be managed easily, this software also helps you to manage class schedule online. The gym management system software you can manage class timings in this module.
  • Attendance: Attendance is the module in which you can add all the attendance database through this feature. the reason is paper work is difficult to handle, but this software helps you to add the attendance of members time to time to maintain the quality of your gym club

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